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Diving And Snorkeling Tour

Diving And Snorkeling Tour Packages
Country: Ghana
City: Busua
Duration: 4 Day(s) - 3 Night(s)
Tour Category: Snorkeling

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Diving in the Gulf of Guinea is extraordinary. Far from the usual mass tourism the underwater world still remained almost untouched.

Mostly we take the boat going to dive spots. Large schools of different kind of snapper, barracuda or grouper are curious and trusting. If you give them some time to get used to the new “sea-creatures”, you might find yourself in the middle of large schools of fish, which is just incredible. There is a huge variety of colorful fish and even some of the “big boys”, similar to the ones known in the Caribbean. Therefore, you can find plenty of sharks and marlins, which are only very rarely seen in popular divie spots. You will come across manta rays, turtles, lobsters and a variety of morays and, especially interesting for macro fans, you can observe snails in rarely seen diversity and numbers and octopus, sepias and seahorses of impressive size.

Our sheltered bay in Miemia is ideal for snorkeling. As the depth doesn’t exceed 4 - 6 meters, sunlight gets through and offers great visibility under water. The calm and quiet water in our bay is perfect, especially for children.

The one and only negative aspect for diving in the Gulf of Guinea is the bad visibility during the raining season (end of May- September). The rivers transport sediment-rich water into the ocean, which unfortunately affects the visibility. Usually rain and storms are only on short duration; nevertheless can be fierce and rough. Still you can keep yourself busy by going on one of our land excursions or adventurous kayak trips. Contact us for your booking.

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