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Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

Wechiau, Ghana

The Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary, a community protected area is located at the extreme north-western corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana. it consists of a 40-kilometres stretch down the length of the Black Volta River which forms the region’s western boundary with Burkina Faso.

It is home to hippos, bats, chameleons, hedgehogs and many different types of lizards and snakes. The sanctuary is an excellent place to see birds with over 200 species identified and new sights seen regularly. The sanctuary contains much more than just hippos. We are an excellent spot for bird watching, including woodland savannah, riverine and forest shore bird species. 

Trek through the many hiking trails, searching for monitor lizards, bats, hedgehogs, pythons, and even chameleons. 

Two local styled tourist lodges are at the heart of the Lobi communities and offer many opportunities to meet local people. This relatively undisturbed Lobi area has distinct architectural designs, interesting marriage systems and funeral rites. 

The best time to see hippos is in the dry seasons, usually November through June. June through August is a good time to see birds in all their colourful breeding plumage.


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